Pull Contract for Stylists & Media


MANON occasionally lends out inventory items or design samples for use in television, photo-shoots, or for promotional purposes, herein referred to as "Samples".  A restocking fee of 20% applies. Pulls are subject to approval by a Founder CEO Katharine Bozek, (kbozek@bymanon.com ).  This contract is to be filled out by the person or representative responsible for the PULL Request 7 days prior to the BORROW DATE.  

Conditions of Agreement:                                                                                

1. Samples are for the sole purpose of editorial shots, feature articles or Television productions by the signor named below.


2. The signor will give MANON full credit in print, online, social media or on television.


3. A copy of the publication in which the item will be used will be sent MANON in electronic and Print forms.. 


4. MANON reserves the rights to use any and all images, video segments or credits  for its own promotional purposes.


5. The signor agrees to take full responsibility and care of the listed items whilst in their possession.


6. The item/s must be returned in the same condition in which they were received by the RETURN DATE. This includes labels and price tags in original condition. For events and appearances written release must be obtained, garments MUST BE DRYCLEANED when returned.


7. As security, Mine & Yours will take a credit card number. Any lost or damaged items will be invoiced accordingly at full retail price to the credit card.


8. Mine & Yours reserves the right to invoice full value for any items not received back by the agreed-upon RETURN DATE.

9. A restocking fee of 20% of the total value of merchandise lent out will be charged up-front.

10.  Freight to and from the event is the responsibility of the signor unless otherwise agreed.

Do you agree to the above conditions?               


Total Value of Items Borrowed $


UPFRONT Restocking Fee Approved.


Borrow Date:                                                                                          Return Date:


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